Vacation rental apartments are within a block of the Eiffel Tower and Champ de Mars, suitable for children's vacations and Paris siteseeing.Paris apartments have the perfect central Paris location, close to the Seine, Eiffel Tower, Left bank, Seventh arrondissement, Ecole militaire, Champ de Mars, Metro, The Invalides.Luxury vacation rental apartments have beautiful views over central Paris 7th arrondissement.
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Favorite Restaurants in the 7th Arrondissement:
The beauty of renting a vacation apartment is combining meals at home with great restaurant outings. Select fresh morning croissants from your favorite patisserie and have a leisurely breakfast at home while you plan your day. Choose from an impossibly long list of recommended restaurants and book a delicious meal one for lunch or dinner.

This list is not complete, but some of our favorite local spots are:

Le Clos des Gourmets: is also a stone's throw away: 16 Ave. Rapp (01 45 51 75 61). Gourmet Magazine writes: "It is packed nightly with couples settling in for the 175 franc dinner, featuring, perhaps, risotto with chicken wings, tiny mousseron mushrooms and asparagus." A real favorite of ours and guests.

Thoumieux: 01 47 05 4975. One of our favorites and favorites for all the French families in the neighborhood - an excellent traditional brasserie. On rue St. Dominique on the way to the Invalides, just after rue Amelie, on the right. Open on Sundays, too. I love their desserts. Philippe's 2 favorite dishes are "Cassoulet" and the "Magret du Canard". Cassoulet is a southwest recipe -- a bean casserole with ham, bacon and duck.

Petit Niçois: Phone 01 45 51 8365, on rue Amelie, about 5 minutes walk from the apartment. Great fish. Mentioned in Gourmet Magazine.

Café du Marché: 38 rue Cler; 01 47 05 51 27. One of our other favorites: Corner of Rue Cler and Rue du Champ de Mars. They don't take reservations, prices are very reasonable and all the locals go there.

La Cantine des Gourmets: 01 47 05 47 96. Ave. de la Bourdonnais, just next to Hotel de la Bourdonnais, on the way to Ecole Militaire metro. Excellent restaurant in the neighborhood, very well known in Paris.

Restaurant La Serre: Rue de l'Exposition (turn right out of apartment, then right on rue de l'Exposition. Restaurant is on left). 01 45 55 2091. A well-known chef did a PBS special on a day's cooking excursion in Paris. They shopped for all their food on rue Cler, then cooked it at La Serre. Recommended.

La Fontaine de Mars: Recommended by Travel Leisure magazine. 129 rue St. Dominique (01 47 05 46 44). Recommended specialties: sole meuniere and floating island (one of my favorites) for dessert.

Café de l'Alma: 5 Ave. Rapp: 01 45 51 56 74. Hot new café/'brassierie luxe' in Paris, by owners of La Fontaine du Mars. Residence magazine writes: a' tester sans tarder' (one to try without hesitating). Decoration by Francois Champsaur, also a hot new force in design.

Le P'Tit Troquet: Gourmet Magazine (and us) highly recommends several Bistros in the area: serves bistro food, but with a lighter touch: 28 rue de l'Exposition (01 47 05 80 39). Turn right out of building, go 2 blocks to that pretty fountain and you're at rue de l'Exposition.

Au Bon Acceuil is good, very popular. Fixed priced menus and original dishes. Turn left off Ave. Rapp at 14 rue du Montessuy.01 147 05 4611

Chez l'Ami Jean: 27 rue Malar - friendly and famous for its Basque food. Walk down St. Dominique towards the Invalides - rue Malar is after Ave Bosquet on the left.

L'Affriolé: Recommended by Gourmet: "Lusty, generous dishes like the leek and potato soup with raw foie gras and the piquillo peppers stuffed with oxtail are pulling crowds. 17 rue Malar 01 44 18 31 33. Follow directions for Chez l'Ami Jean above.

Café Across Street: For a quick meal, Philippe and his parents usually go to the big brasserie which is kitty-corner across the street; a lot of local business people go there for a quick lunch.

La Terrasse: The large café and oyster bar on the corner of Ave. de la Mottel Piquet, just outside the Ecole Militaire Metro Stop. Casual eating downstairs and a nice restaurant upstairs. A nice place for a meal; great oysters.

Le Violin d'Ingres: just down the street on rue St. Dominique, on the right. This is owned by the ex-chef of the Crillon has 1 Star Michelin. Patricia Wells recommended it in the New York Times, so a lot of Americans go there. It's very fine cuisine and so is the price - took a client there and our entire menu included truffles, even down to the truffle and thyme ice cream. 01 45 55 1505.

Le Pot d'Agnes: A friend of mine says it's one of her favourite restaurant and it's right around the corner (right and first right) on rue Augereau. It's very small and she cooks for you - she is very nice.

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